New Things for A New Year

With a New Year brings new change for Kilted Colin.

This show has been evolving since it’s creation and this year feels like there are big changes afoot.  I love this show and the joy it brings to so many people which is why I feel like it is my duty to put forth the best performance I possibly can . This means bigger laughs, better ideas, and of course bumpin’ bagpipes.  😀  I am excited to share what new things I’ve been up to in the last couple months that will most certainly insert themselves into my show.


What I expect this to look like is taking the show to different stages and outdoor arenas and to expose it to different audiences who are in need of something fresh, new and different.  Performing the show for more audiences will also make it more relatable for more show goers.  I also have been told an audience is only as good as a performer makes them, and the more audiences I know, the better the show can be.  If you’ve seen Kilted Colin before it’s time to see him again in 2019 and if you’ve never seen him before get ready to hold on tight because you are going for quite the ride.

Happy 2019 everybody, looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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