Kilted Colin

A Family Friendly Circus Comedy Show

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Who Am I?

Kilted Colin pushes the boundaries of what you thought could be done in a kilt… A circus performer with style but not grace. Whether he’s dancing his way across the stage or charming you with his quick wit, his natural charisma makes him an absolute joy to watch. He will play his bagpipes into your ears and then your hearts all whilst clambering on top of his 10-ft unicycle. If there’s one thing this man knows, it’s how to dress and how to impress.

See What People Are Saying About The Show. . .

One of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen in my life!


Could have watched you for hours!!! Well done!!!


I took my wife and daughter to the Christmas tree lighting in Taunton this past Saturday and you were by far the act of the night!! Super fun for all ages.

TJ Ronan

WOW Colin! the kids loved you today. You had everyone in fits of laughter. You are a very talented person and had everyone's attention from the word go.

Michaela Muncaster

Omg your show today was just too funny. You made my day.


I couldn’t stop laughing.


If you haven’t watched Kilted Colin yet, we would 10/10 recommend!

Christchurch City Council(Christchurch NZ)

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